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Insurance Company Claims Phone # Claims Website
 ACCC General Agency  888-823-0888  ACCC Claims
 American Strategic Insurance (ASI)  866-ASI-LOSS  ASI Claims
 Aspen  855-552-1837  Aspen Claims
 Bristol West Insurance Group  800-274-7865  Bristol West Claims
 Classic Collectors  800-348-4269  Classic Collectors Claims
 Cypress  877-560-5224  Cypress Claims
 Dairyland  800-334-0090  Auto Claim or Cycle Claim
 Foremost Insurance Group  800-527-3907  Foremost Claims
 Gainsco Auto Insurance  866-424-6726  Gainsco Claims
 Hallmark  800-486-5616  Hallmark Claims
 Infinity Auto Insurance  800-334-1661  Infinity Claims
 Kemper Specialty  866-536-7376  Kemper Specialty Claims
 Lonestar Managing General Agency  877-336-5172  Lonestar Claims
 Maison Insurance  844-962-4766  Maison Claims
 Mercury  800-503-3724  Mercury Claims
 Midland National Life Insurance Company  800-923-3223  Midland National Claims
 National Lloyds Insurance Company  800-749-6419  National Lloyds Claims
 Pacific Specialty Insurance Company  800-962-1172  Pacific Specialty Claims
 Progressive  800-274-4499  Progressive Claims
 Safeco Insurance  800-332-3226  Safeco Claims
 State Auto  877-722-5246  State Auto Claims
 Texas Fair Plan  800-979-6440  TFP Claims
 Travelers  800-252-4633  Travelers Claims
 Wellington  800-447-6465  Wellington Claims
 Windhaven  866-595-4080  Windhaven Claims