Homeowners Insurance Rate Increase from Claims

The cost of homeowners insurance is going up in Texas, as it is across the country. Many factors can affect the cost, including the selected deductible, the quality of the insurance coverage and the value of the home. However, the premium increases that homeowners are experiencing in the last few years go beyond these factors. As it turns out, Texas is a very expensive place to live in insurance terms.

Insurance Agent Sales

At our insurance agency, you won’t find pushy sales people promoting coverage you don’t need or pressuring you into making a hasty decision.

Rental Car Insurance Savings

In the past, every time I rented a car for vacation, everything would be going great until the check-out counter or the online screen where it asks if you’d like to purchase the Loss Damage Waiver. (Learn more about the Loss Damage Waiver’s importance here.) The liability coverage was an easy choice. It’s inexpensive – a no brainer. But the Loss Damage Waiver?!

Car Insurance Roadside Assistance

I received a text from one of my customers/friends the other morning. They had a blowout on the way to work after running over a huge pothole on the highway. Just the frustration of being late to work was enough, but now the entire morning was taking a detour.

Car Insurance for Teen Driver


My teenager just received a license to drive. Do I need to add him/her to my policy now? Will it increase my premium?